Competitive Product Matrix

  Other Guys i-Presenter
Visual Stopping Power
Artificial Intelligence  
Photo Realistic CGI Characters  
Design Factory  
Analytics Portal  
eCommerce Capabilities  
5 Minute Setup  
Compact Shipping Container  
Unlimited Language Delivery  
Motion Sensor Activation  
Live Video Chat  

The i-presenterTM smart virtual presenters are based on photo realistic computer generated images that look amazingly lifelike. Most importantly, our clients don't have to endure the hassle, time and expense of a video shoot when they want to create new content for their virtual presenters. The CGI i-presenterTM units can easily be created, customized and updated over the Internet.

Standard Features::

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Touchscreen Interface
  • Lead Capture
  • Motion Sensors
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • i-Presenter Design Factory

Optional Features:

  • Commerce
  • Facial Recognition
  • RFID / NFC
  • QR Code
  • Mobile Phone
  • Live Concierge Video Chat


  • Interactions
  • Duration
  • Commerce Transactions
  • Conversion Rates
  • Personal Identifiers
  • Geography / Locations
  • A/B Testing