Virtual Assistant Presenter - Latest Hologram Technology

Robotics is a division of science that holds diverse trades of engineering. It agreements with the design, construction, operation, and customs of robots as well as hardware and software systems for their control, sensory response, and information handling
I-Brain Robotics is a Robotics Establishment with redeems ranging from Humanoid Intelligent Android Robots to Bionic Prosthesis and Smart Medical Devices. We are alive in a world dominated by technology. Not only the Technology is fluctuating at a very fast rate, so are we, becoming tech-savvy and also are sanctioning the birth and custom of such novel technologies that were once alleged to occur only in the Sci-fi flicks.
With a team of few distinguished minds, they boarded on the journey of changing the face of this field and no doubt we can see their achievement with our own success. The entire team has come up with flying colours and will undoubtedly endure to be working towards the step efficiently, surprising us more in the future to come.
I-Brain was originated to take this bequest ahead with its radical ideas that can modify the facade of the world we mindful of and also as we grasp it.
I-presenter is the largest and greatest software is being used in visual communication. It creates an unforgettable experience for your customers when the matter comes into marriage, birthday celebrations. It becomes an immersive, engaging and intelligent presenter, celebrity and even if product. It never complains if anything goes wrong by us. She performs work as if it's her duty to perform each and every thing.
She says hello to each and every customer and I-presenter delivers a virtual concierge to the self-service applications, provides many ways and directions and checks the visitors as well as play the videos. She act as your partner while playing and seeing the videos. She never leaves you alone. She enjoys your companion while enjoying the videos. This is the greatest innovation of i-brain robotics where it creates an unforgettable experience for your customers with an engaging, immersive and intelligent holographic presenter, celebrity, mascot and many more products.
This is a part of robot who never needs a break to complete the work because he is tired. You can order your work at any time and at any place. It is always attentive to your words and very friendly. It never forgets to perform any work or gets distracted. It performs in every minute manner it could.

virtual Assistant Presenter Latest Hologram Technology

It entices attention of all your clienteles because it offers real-ness to your work and moreover innovativeness and imaginative to your presentation, offerings and guidance. As we are having show-stopper in a fashion show, i-presenter is a traffic stopper in every market and business promotions. It can bid any product information, or even can make any sale.
IOT connectivity: Basically it is internet of things where all the non-living things get interconnected to WAN. You need your smartphone and by the use of it you can get essential information of the things. Now, this presenter is coded with languages so that it is connected to all the device. Whenever there is any problem, the I-presenter get vibes that there is any issues at the work place and she performs her duty.
Mobile device interactions: I-presenter is connected to mobile through LAN or WAN. I-presenter directly interacts with only mobile phones and get the information. The company has absorbed on the fast growing pre-paid part of the whole wireless market, where consumers drive strong demands for mobile devices and phone service at affordable pricing.

Well, I-Presenter has its own perks.

Whether you have a Fresh or Old Business, whether you sell virtual or simply need new leads, whether you want to chaperon your clients through your services or want to deliver round the clock customer support, no-one will do it better than I-Presenter for you.
What's better to attend your client queries at the first point of contact, that's your website?
I-Presenter will speak out to your regulars when they reach your website. I-presenter talks out your problems, at any moment of time. They bear no time constraints.
I-Presenter can address them with their names and designations, answer their queries, guide them through the provided services, and tell them about your USPs. I-presenter will ask them prominent questions and collect new single leads for your business diligently 24*7 and 365 days a year.
I-presenter can see and enjoy all the videos with you as a partner. If you have to check your visitors at their house, she will give you company, once all the details are assigned.

INSTALLATION CONCEPT: It develop a multi-media concept for all your business with an original script and copyright script, software development, video recording production.
VIRTUAL RECEPTIONIST: It is a self-service hologram where it depicts the future receptionist who holds staff directory, contact updates, mobile alerts and many more for the benefits of business. Gone are those days when there was a lady receptionist who say hello to customers and give various reasons why they are better. Now i-brain presents, i-presenter who greets visitors, notifies visitors about staffs and employees through mobile alerts.
VIRTUAL CONCIERGE: It say hello to the concierge of the future and delivers self-service application, provides way finding directions, check visitors in and they display your videos

Advantages of I-Presenter

Works: 24*7: I-presenter can work No-one can match I-presenter TM in non-stop and diligent efforts to serve your business. And yes, he will stay with you forever. Whenever you need him, he will come up and help you in every possible way he can. I-presenter is more like a corporate companion, your aiding hand in the corporate world.
Video live chat: If you are unavailable personally, then I-presenter can deal with all clients and take all video chats personally. She will check and monitor all the documents without being irritated. I-presenter concentrates on every client and that too simultaneously and with 100% accuracy. There will be no complaints from the clients about the efficiency.
New Client Acquisition: I-presenter increases the chances of new leads generation for your business from your website more than any other tool available.Yes, I-presenter can make contacts too i.e. it can generate new leads for the company and can very well handle them. New leads are taken care off by I-presenter himself and is briefed about the particulars with efficiency.
Artificial Intelligence: The Attractive Avatars and Natural Language interactions give your clients a more appealing skill and faith on your services. The I-presenter ability is an interactive language that empowers to tolerate the new clients and work efficiently. It gives the clients a worldly experience of a brand new era of communication and interaction. She can recognize all the face and pattern, act accordingly to their demand